Video tutorials on science ethics and science communication

Discover the Science with Society “SCISO” project by ISC Member the Global Young Academy, which provides easily accessible content in the form of freely available video tutorials, that enable scientists to reflect about the role of science in society, and to communicate with broader audiences.

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Minister Liina Kersna participated in the 12th International Summit on the Teaching Profession in Spain

Minister of Education and Research of Estonia Liina Kersna participated in the 12th International Summit on the Teaching Profession (ISTP), organised by the OECD, Education International and the Spanish Ministry of Education, in Valencia, Spain, on 11-13 May. The aim of the ISTP was to discuss cooperation between states and teacher's unions and find solutions for the development of the teaching profession. 

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Information sheet for refugees arriving from Ukraine

Estonian Labour Inspectorate put together an information sheet for refugees arriving from Ukraine and seeking for work. The sheet contains information about the most important regarding labour relation – employment contract, working and resting time, salary and terminating the contract.

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Stay brave!

Estonia supports the Ukrainian people.
The publishing house Scientific Route OÜ also expresses support for Ukrainian scientists.

Please stay strong!
Thanks to Ukraine, the whole world has seen what democracy and freedom mean, and how to fight for them!

For Ukrainian scientists, we reduce the cost for publication in the journal EUREKA: Life Sciences up to 50% when submitting manuscripts before autumn.

Comment by Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets on the potential accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO

Both the European Union and NATO were established after the Second World War with a similar purpose – to help maintain peace through cooperation between states. The unbearable inhumanity of the wars of that era was fresh on every nation’s mind and this is why post-war idealism evolved into close cooperation that continues to this day. Whereas Estonia has viewed membership in the European Union and NATO as a security guarantee, the historical path of Finland and Sweden has been different.

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