Haridus- ja Teadusministeerium jätkab õpetajatele suunatud väljaande ilmumise toetamist

Haridus- ja Teadusministeeriumi vastus avalikule pöördumisele „Õpetajate Lehe kaitseks“, mille tegid 2. juunil 2022 peaministrile, haridus- ja teadusministrile, kultuuriministrile ja rahandusministrile esindajad järgmistest organisatsioonidest: Eesti Kultuuri Koda, Eesti Haridustöötajate Liit, Eesti Lastevanemate Liit, Eesti Koolijuhtide Ühendus, Eesti Lasteaednike Liit, Riia Eesti Põhikool.

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The ‘25 Method’ for Forming a Writing Routine When You Have Limited Time

If you're struggling to find the time to write a piece, try the fast-paced "pomodor" method from Olivia Burgess, a lecturer at Colorado State University Global:

"The original pomodoro method is a time management technique that organises work into 25-minute chunks separated by short breaks of five minutes. You do this a total of four times, take a longer break and then repeat. The technique was invented by developer and entrepreneur Francesco Cirillo to reduce distraction and increase focus, especially for people (most of us!) who tend to procrastinate or have repetitive work tasks.

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Tips for Publishing Thesis as a Book

While they may look alike, a thesis is not a book! The process of publishing thesis as a book is different right from its conception to completion. Created with an intent to target a specific audience, a thesis differs from a book in multiple aspects. Although your thesis topic would surely be relevant to your field of study, it perhaps, can be of interest to a wider audience. In such a case, your thesis can be turned into a book.

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Preprint. 5 Step to Successfully Publish Yours

A Preprint is a fully drafted research paper that is available as Open Access to all, before it undergoes peer review. Thus, authors are able to share their research quicker as compared to journal publishing, which is a thorough and longer process. The papers published on preprints servers are assigned with DOI and citable at discretion of the user, as the papers have not undergone the scrutiny of a peer reviewer. However, it helps valuable research reach the scholarly community much in time.

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Here's what science blogger Pat Thomson advises when she complains about her inability to find literature that is relevant to their research.

«A lack of literature is very rarely a real problem. The real problem is that the researcher with the nothing-written-on-my-topic question has drawn the boundary around their topic too tightly. They haven’t thought about the kinds of literatures that might be relevant, even if they are not written on exactly the same question.

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Here's what science blogger Anne-Wil Harzing writes about professional online presence:

An excellent resume and cover letter are no longer enough to compete in a job or further education selection process. It is crucial that you build your personal brand online to stand out from the crowd and ensure potential employers remember you.

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